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One Document

All parties must file three documents with the Court within 14 days after the date of the notice that the appeal has been docketed:

  1. Statement of Admission to Practice or Pro Se Status containing the party’s name, address, telephone number, and ECF email address;
  2. Statement of Interested Parties disclosing any interested party who is not listed on the notice of appeal, any parent corporation, and any publicly held corporation that owns 10% or more of its stock, and the names of any prior attorneys; and
  3. Statement Regarding Oral Argument indicating whether the party requests oral argument.

See 10th Cir. BAP L.R. 8003-2.  

These three documents may be combined into one document for ease of filing.  See 10th Cir. BAP L.R. 8003-2(d).

An appellant’s failure to file these documents may result in dismissal of the appeal for failure to prosecute.  See 10th Cir. BAP L.R. 8026-4(c).